Giant Dominoes

  • 28 Giant Wooden Dominoes

  • Rules Included

  • Length: 15cm

  • Width: 7cm

  • Height: 1.5cm

  • Overall weight of set equals 2.2kg

  • Individual weight of each Domino equals 785g

Premium Adult Croquet

  • 4 wooden Adult croquet mallets

  • 4 Balls (red, blue, yellow, green)

  • 2 winning posts

  • 9 Croquet Wickets

  • Mesh storage Bag

  • Simplified Rules included

  • Croquet Mallet measures to 83cm long with a 4.5cm mallet face

Giant Naughts and Crosses

  • Five X wooden pieces measuring at: 26cm width & height

  • Four O wooden pieces diameter of: 29cm

  • Large Rope measuring at 1.5metres square

  • Rules Included

  • Overall weight of set = 4kg

Quoits Game

  • 5 rope circles of various colours approx 15cm in diameter.

  • 1 pine wooden cross (40cm across)

  • Rules included

  • Weight of the quoits set = 450g


  • Homemade Mega Jenjo consists of 54 individually sanded wooden blocks

  • Australian Made

  • Height is 86cm & 18cm Wide at the beginning of the game.

  • Ideal game for engagement parties, weddings, community events, outdoor activities, birthdays or social gathering.

  • Rules included

  • Overall weight of game is 13kg


  • Dimensions= 120cm High, 123cm Wide

  • Ideal game for kids parties, weddings, community events, outdoor activities, birthdays or social gatherings.

  • Played by all ages 3+

  • Rules Included

  • Weight 20kg

Naughts & Crosses.2.jpg
Mega Jenjo.jpg
Giant Connect 4.1.jpg