Miscellaneous Equipment

eskys, ice tubs & buckets
Vintage Tubs2.JPG

Galvanised Tubs

Various sizes & styles

Clear Ice Tubs

Mobile Cold Box

Bath Tub

Bath Tub Esky.4.jpg

Blue Esky

Wine Cooler

wine cooler.jpg

Ice Bucket with Stand

Ice bucket with stand.jpg

Large Silver Ice Bucket

Silver drink tub.png
Stainless steel teapots
Gravy Boats
coffee plungers

Various styles & sizes

coffee tea pot.jpg
Gravy boat.jpg
coffee plunger.jpg
chaffing dish sets
gastronome trays
gel burner

Half & full

chafing dish.jpg
Gastronome trays, half & long.jpg
drink trays
chaffing dish gel burner.jpg

Various Styles & Sizes

Black Drink Trays.jpg
Cake Stands
cake stand x 9.jpg
Short 3 Tier Cake Stand.1.jpg
Tall 3 Tier Cake Stand.1.jpg
Stainless steel platters

Various sizes & styles

Oval silver platters various sizes.jpg
Bread Baskets

Various Styles & Sizes

Wooden Trays & Bowls
Stainless Bowls
Stainless bowls.jpg
Glass salad Bowls

Medium & Large

Glass bowl.jpg